Physical Therapy - Little Village, Chicago IL

Physical therapy at Activa Clinic combines scientific knowledge and clinical evidence to prevent impairments and disabilities. This is done by identifying the risk factors plus educating patients to allow a positive change in their health behavior. In addition to this physical therapy is useful in relieving pain and restoring physical functions. It can also help with the post-surgical recovery.

Physical Therapy Approaches

Therapeutic Exercises
Therapeutic exercises are used to enhance strength and flexibility; boost endurance; and improve functional impairment.

Manual Therapy
Manual therapy is used to treat soft tissues and joint structures to modulate pain, increase range of motion, stimulate relaxation; decrease or eliminate inflammation of soft tissues; hasten tissue repair, facilitate movement and to improve function.

Strength Training
This makes use of resistance to build strength, skeletal muscle size and anaerobic endurance. This increases strength of bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons; improves joint functions and reduces possibility of injuries.

Gait Training
After experiencing an injury, gait training can help a patient learn how to walk again. This aims to lessen a patient's dependency on devices such as canes, crutches, braces and canes.

Cardiovascular conditioning
Cardiovascular condition allows you to enhance the condition of your heart and circulatory system through regular dynamic exercises. This improves the ability of your muscles to recover. In addition to this, it boosts circulation; enhances energy and stamina; increases muscle endurance; and enhances mood and overall sense of well-being.